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Australia votes for MARRIAGE EQUALITY

ORIGIN AUSTRALIA is proud to stand behind MARRIAGE EQUALITY in the upcoming public plebiscite (vote) in Australia & help raise awareness. Whilst not being related to the gem industry, EQUAL RIGHTS and NON-DISCRIMINATORY PRACTICE, is very much part of our Social Responsibility  As global citizens, infact it is written into our non-discriminatory ethical practices code. […]

Origin Australia is extremely happy to support the Pink Jade Educational Fund for all the hard work they do in orphanages throughout Burma. Way to go guys!


We are super-excited to announce that consumers in Europe and Switzerland can have access to ORIGIN AUSTRALIA diamonds through our latest stockist in Switzerland! Introducing MOJO DESIGN to our international audience . Caroline and Bruno Mojonier together with their talented team are working on giving their customers a unique experience with their approach to sophisticated […]

ORIGIN AUSTRALIA features stunning Argyle Pink Diamond

So grateful to feature one of these treasures of the Argyle Diamond mine. This exquisite Radiant cut was just recently sold. We notice the supply of Fancy cuts becoming rarer and rarer in the Argyle Pink Diamond production. We thought it was also a great time to feature new artwork on our photographs. Photos credit: […]

ORIGIN AUSTRALIA diamonds feature in Social awards for EARTHRISE in Japan

It is an honour to showcase the very beautiful feature collection from our latest stockist EARTHRISE of Japan. Not only stunningly beautiful and classic in design, but winner of the Social Product Awards 2016 Category. “The  Laurel has been loved by ancient people and this is our source of inspiration” Says Shoko Obata, Managing Director […]

These beautiful Boulder opal free-form cabs are breathtaking examples of Natures complete works of art. They feature the colour spectrums of rainbows & yet contain the host rock that is distinguishable as Australian Gem. If you can vision how to collect & design around this Origin Australia gem, please contact our office.

ORIGIN AUSTRALIA white diamonds: beautiful and responsible

As the world grows more conscious about consumer products, the demand for traceable white diamonds expands. Last Christmas saw unprecedented demand for white diamonds just like this beauty!   Our customers will be happy to note that we have re-stocked and are ready for 2016!  


This uniquely red/orange cognac Australian diamond has found its happy home in another land. We hope the warmth of its colour helps to keep its wearer warm through the freezing Nordic winters.

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