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is a co-branding initiative of Inspira Diamonds Pty Ltd and the West Australian Department of Tourism.Therefore as its product developer we are the exclusive wholesale distributor of any products displaying this branding.

In 2008 BrandWA authorised the use of the background logo of BrandWA to Inspira Diamonds, which form the sun and water elements, to which has been applied the diamond logo and name Origin Australia. The name Origin Australia ® and the diamond logo are registered intellectual property of Inspira Diamond’s Director, Charmaine Thane.

The use of the logo interprets to immediate brand recognition for any stockist or distributor of ORIGIN AUSTRALIA ® diamond and jewellery goods. Stockists can leverage from the very recognisable brand image, and join 1200 other organisations already displaying the BrandWA brand in Western Australia, as well as in 15 countries globally. (please see map below)

This website has been created to support the sale of our diamonds and gem products.


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map of international locations for ORIGIN AUSTRALIA 



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The place where everything Australian is very cool….

Whilst developing and expanding the gem products in our range we realised there was so much interest in the brand itself, and products that come from Australia.

So we went on to create some amazing products that support the brand, as well as being cool, have-able items in their own right…..

This site has been created to make those products available to a wider audience, particularly our international customers, that LOVE all things Australian.  Check out our shop for more details  


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ORIGIN AUSTRALIA ® products are being expanded all the time, so do call back to the site from time to time to see what’s new!

If you love what you have seen and want to share our site with your friends.

If you love our products please leave some feedback….


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